• What We Do

    The Empowerment Zone Coalition, Inc. is a very unique 501(c) (3) community-based non-profit collaboration that focuses on Health Education, Wellness and Behavioral Health. EZC is a broad based coalition with agency collaborations that improves collective advocacy and service delivery to the community with strong focus on the adults, youth and families. The mission of the Empowerment Zone Coalition is to raise public awareness and to mobilize communities to improve quality of life for Detroit residents through education, health promotion, wellness, and the prevention of substance use and mental health disorders in the city of Detroit with strong emphasis on the Eastside. EZC develops new initiatives based on identified needs of the community.

    • Public Education Campaigns
    • Local Coalition Development
    • Public Forums and Town Hall Meetings
    • Trainings and Workshops
    • Advocacy
    • Summits
    • Community Outreach¬†
    • Community Organizing
    • Multimedia

    Support Our Organization by Donating

    Please donate we need your support. For every dollar raised, $.76 goes directly into programs and services.

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    Detroit Sack Pack Giveaway, Butzel Family Center

  • 2000 Outstanding Coalition Award

    Awarded by the Community Anti-drug Coalition of America (CADCA) for its outstanding coalition work to prevent and reduce youth substance abuse and strengthen collaborations.

  • Needs Assessment Survey

    2,400 youth participated in the survey, the results were published and disseminate to prevention providers to assist them in strengthen their substance prevention programming.

  • Substance Abuse Summit

    Each year, EZC planned and implemented the largest substance abuse summit in the City of Detroit in an effort to raise public awareness regarding drug related issues and to celebrate the success of the coalition.

EZC Successes

  • Community Awareness

    51% of the target population was familiar with the coalition and its activities

  • Reached More Than One Million People

    EZC has reached more than one million people over time with substance abuse prevention community outreach projects and programs.

  • Over 17 Years of Experience

    Providing comprehensive health and substance abuse prevention services to the catchment area